Insta Predictor

Insta Predictor is your mobile prediction tool on the go ! All essential tools for answering any question from your client is bundled. It has Time Chart KP & Vedic, DBA, Houses & Planets, Ruling Planets, Hourly Lagna, Dynamic Hora for fixing auspicious time, Panchang, Avoidable times – Rahukalam, Durmuhurtam and Yamagandam. A Complete Package for all your needs!

About App

(Panchang, KP Time-Chart & Ruling Planets)

Your personal assistant to help you in astonishingly correct astrological predictions on move for any place in the world for the present time. Three tools are bundled in this free app.
1) Detail KP Time-Chart with Houses and Planets. Both South & North Indian style chart display. On Touching Planet or House you get the Starlord, Sublord and Sub-Sub Lord
2)Ruling Planets for KP Predictions
3)Panchang – Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Vaar& Karan; Also Rahukalam & Durmuhurtam. A must App for KP & Vedic Astrologers.

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Insta Predictor Pro

Your mobile prediction tool on the go. Pro version generates KP & Vedic Time Chart for the moment and for any future date & time for the same place where you are. Houses & Planets with Star, Starlord, Sub, Sub-Sub and complete DBA. For KP horary practitioner a complete package of Chart, Planets & Houses and DBA. Both North & South Indian Styles provided. On touching planets & houses in south chart , starlord, sub and sub-sub is displayed – Very innovative feature for quick prediction. Ruling Planets in detail with usage is provided. Dynamic HORA and Sub-HORA for fixing auspicious time and also to verify if one should start any activity at any given time to get success in it. Dynamic Hora System is the most accurate system. Ascendant (Lagna) values are given for 24 hours at one hour interval. Lagna start time at a place is displayed for all your astrological needs.

When you have Insta Predictor App, you do not need any other mobile software. A complete package to handle all questions on the go ! Choice of ayanamsha in KP - Original, New and Straight Line, Also in Vedic – Lahiri and Raman. Node values choices – Mean or True and Vedic house system Bhavarambha or Bhava-Madhya. Panchang includes Yamagandam along with Rahukalam and Durmuhurtam.


Feature Free Version Pro Version
Panchang(Tithi,Nakshatra, Yoga, Vaar, Karana) Yes Yes
Rahukalam Durmuhurtam Yes yes
Ruling Planets for KP Prediction Yes Yes with usage
Time Chart Current date & time only Current and future date and time
Chart type South & North Indian Yes Yes
Houses & Planets Position in DMS & Star, Starlord, Sub and Sub-Sub display Position in DMS & Star, Starlord, Sub and Sub-Sub display
Touch Feature to display Starlord, Sub and sub-sub Only for South Indian Chart Only for South Indian Chart
Dasa, Bhukti , Antara No Yes
Dynamic HORA & Sub-Hora No Yes
Lagna Values every hour from 5AM to 4 AM No Yes
Lagna Start time for all ascendants in a day No Yes
Choice of KP & Vedic Only KP Both
Ayanamsa selection in KP No Original, New, St.Line
Ayanamsa selection in Vedic No Lahiri, Raman
Node value selection No True, Mean
House type selection in Vedic No Bhava-Madhya and Bhavarambha

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